Officemate Accounting

Helps you simplify your accounting and streamline your business.

Also helps you simplify bookkeeping, automate report generation, and enhance collaborations.


  • - Sales & Invoicing
    Get real time insight on receivables and payables and track overdue balances.
  • - Accruals
    Estimate payments in your current accounting cycle and pay later.
  • - Petty Cash Management
    Accurately report petty cash spending and replenishment.
  • - Prepayments
    Record upfront payments and spread them over a time frame.
  • - Inventory Management
    Keep track of all your inventory items and add them to transactions.
  • - Fixed Asset Management
    Track assets and collaborate with your accountant to dispose assets.
  • - Reporting
    Generate powerful reports to empower business decisions.
  • - Expense Approval Workflow
    Create internal memos for expense approval and other business requests.

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