myClinicEMR provides an effective solution to hospitals that want to reduce the costs of administrative & clinical transactions, improve responsiveness to patient care, enhance decision making processes and streamline operations, while increasing user satisfaction.


  • - Patient Management
    Manage vital in-patient and out-patient information.
  • - Laboratory & Pharmacy
    Record and disseminate information about laboratory & pharmacy activities.
  • - Surgery Management
    Simplify the documentation of procedures performed by surgeons.
  • - Self-Service Portals
    Streamline work for all hospital staff and improve productivity.
  • - Billing & Accounting
    Monitor all financial operations and make payment processing easier.
  • - Inventory Management
    Keep track of both consumable and non-consumable supplies.
  • - Consultant Management
    Track consultant appointments for out-patient and in-patient visits.
  • - Reporting
    Get access to both medical reports and financial reports that can be exported and printed.

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